VET library of DR

A database

T1: To kickstart the actual work on the IO2, IOS as the lead partner will create a form to be used by all the partners when looking for/collecting information. This will make the work more systematic and will facilitate the entry of the data in the actual database (to be created by IOS after agreement on the content during the KOM) and subsequently onto the project website.

T2: The form will then be circulated to all the partners for the feedback and will be updated if necessary.

T3: During the first month of the IO2, IOS will create a timetable for partners' input to be able to easily control the work on the output and its timely implementation.

T4: During the kick-off meeting partners will choose and come to a mutual agreement on their preferred area of search (Google search, Discussion boards, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube...).

T5: IOS will collect all the inputs in English and sort them out according to the categories (to be established during the KOM).

T6: After the final and official database has been created in English, IOS will circulate it to all the partners for translation.