The project involves 8 partners – STRUKA (coordinator); Industrial and Trade School Slavonski Brod (IOS); Virsabi; European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting (EWF); Universitatea Din Craiova (UCV); Augmented Training Service (ATS); Learn Virtual Europe Kft. (LVE) and SVSXASS (associated partner) – from 7 European countries (Croatia, Denmark, Belgium, Romania, Spain, Hungary and Switzerland). All of them have different profiles and competences in the field of DR. Linked with the Association for the Promotion of Vocational Training and Higher Education as experienced users of the DR tool, companies that produce simulators based on DR technologies and a virtual reality development agency.



Association for lifelong vocational education, STRUKA was founded in the end of 2018.
It is a private non-profit organization that conducts its business in the Republic of Croatia.



Virsabi is a Virtual Reality (VR) studio - A technology house of developers and creatives, and one of the first VR dedicated companies in Europe, offering business consultancy, advisory work and technical development for the utilization of VR, Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) in business, learning and education.


Industrial and Trade School (IOS)

IOS is a secondary level three-year vocational institution. It was founded in 1947 and has functioned as an independent school since 1991.
Its main activity is education of full-time students and adults for lower and secondary level: mechanical engineering, shipbuilding and metallurgy, (etc).


European Federation for Welding Joining and Cutting (EWF)

EWF, is an international non-profit umbrella association aiming at the collaboration in the study and solution of welding-related problems encountered within its fields of competence and in the removal of technical barriers.
The exchange of scientific and technical information, the preparation of harmonised rules for the education and training of personnel involved in welding, joining and related technologies, (etc).


University of Craiova (UCV)

University of Craiova is a Romanian prestigious institution of higher education, part of the European academic community, sharing cultural values, moral, educational and scientific aspects of it.
Since its founding, in 1947, UCV has undertaken the mission to contribute to the development of knowledge, science and national culture, their integration into the universal patrimony.


Augmented Training Service (ATS)

ATS is the educational division of the Seabery group and has a team of professionals from the highly qualified technological and educational sectors. Augmented Training is a personalized educational methodology that integrates different technological resources and encourages intensive practice, and in which the student sets their own learning pace. It is a dynamic and flexible model, which allows the instructor to easily manage different courses with numerous students, regardless of their level of knowledge and/or their learning pace.


Learn Virtual Europe (LVE)

LVE was established in 2014. It has started off as a family business. The main profile of the company is to develop and distribute different Virtual Reality (VR) simulators which can be used in vocational training programmes.
In their product range they offer VR products on various industrial domains next to welding, like: industrial painting, abrasive blasting, (etc.).