Technical manual

Minimum conditions for education, training and testing in educational processes in virtual environment

T1: Description
The output consists in the elaboration of a technical manual describing the minimum necessary conditions for education, training and testing in educational processes in virtual environment. For its performance, all technical issues related to technologies applied to education will be taken into account: learning management system, virtual and augmented reality tools, multimedia and other educational applications with a view to improving teaching-learning processes.

T2: Needs
The real need to improve the quality of online vocational education and training (VET), establishing the minimum requirements at a technical level to carry out the training experience successfully.

T3: Target groups
The target group is represented by teachers and students. Teachers will have a greater knowledge of the educational resources, tools and applications that they can use in their courses to improve the teaching-learning processes. Students will be able to know, access and use a variety of motivating educational resources using a digital environment closer to their needs, taking into account that they live in a digital world.

T4: Elements of innovation
The inclusion of innovative tools to learn, teach, evaluate, test, and monitor student learning in virtual environments. With the creation of this technical manual, it is expected to take a step forward in improving the quality of these processes.

T5: Expected impact
With the creation of this manual, it is hoped to increase the quality of teaching-learning processes in virtual environments. We believe that virtual training should not be a pdf repository where students practice e-reading but rather an opportunity to connect a variety of resources and tools to generate meaningful, motivating and successful teaching-learning experiences.

T6: Transferability potential
The technical manual will be digitized and will form part of the contents developed within the project. This manual can be easily transferred to other education and training entities.