Pedagogical guidelines

Pedagogical guidelines for learning and teaching using DR technologies

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Executive Summary:

The Pedagogical Guidelines serve as suggestions and onboarding on Digital Reality solutions. This document is aimed at anyone who is interested to include these tools in their educational plan. The guidelines start with the basics about the tools to make sure that educators with any level of technical understanding from absolute newbies to experts can have a basic understanding of the concepts and tools. The practical state-of-the-art solutions are listed and fact-checked as of October 2022.

The second part of the guidelines is focused on a methodology which is an example of how can DR tools be practically included in education followed by the practical checklists for organizations and educational centres. Moreover, information about the safety and practicalities are addressed. Lastly, we have references to other DRinVET project results which can aid you with a deeper understanding. The annexes include national plans and templates to be used.