Best practice examples from VET digital classrooms across Europe

T1: Digital learning management systems
The project partners will collect information related to existing digital learning management systems (DLMS) used in their own national educational systems. For each identified DLMS will be elaborated at least 2 best practices in teaching/learning for theoretical and practical training. An interactive video, with how the digital tools selected for target group, will be produced and distributed to those interested.

T2: Welding simulators
The project partners will elaborate digital content for welding simulators, covering real life study cases in welding. The digital study cases will be designed for short arc-time in order to provide safe access to all student participants at practical training. The real-life study cases will also be digitalized as videos in order to be easily accessed by the target group.

T3: Exchange to e-Twinning and social media platforms
The project partners will design the teaching notes and practical exercises in order to comply with the new pedagogical tools integrated in e-Twinning platform. All results of the project will be uploaded on this European platform in order to involve other educational and training institutes in common activities.