Innovative practices in a digital era

  • Background/Scope:

    DRinVET is a project aimed to create tools in Digital Reality (DR) to help teachers and trainers, who have been struggling to adapt to this new digital environment (due to COVID-19 anti-pandemic measures implemented in training classes moved to the internet), in overcoming their difficulties, especially in terms of practical training delivery and assessment.

  • Main innovative outputs:

    Development of a relevant pedagogy and methodology for the use of DR tools, as well as tools that will raise teachers and trainers competences and enable teaching processes to lead safely towards learning outcomes needed for the labour market.

  • Target groups:

    Teachers, trainers, students and trainees of vocational schools and adult education in Europe; public authorities in European countries responsible for the secondary and high(er) vocational and adult education sector; and vocational education as a whole, from the local to national and international levels.

  • Hurdles to overcome:

    Lack of opportunity for both students and trainees to take the practical training in industry, training centres and schools, since online theoretical classes have been slowly implemented but the practical parts have not.

  • Expected impact:

    DRinVET will have an immediate and long-term impact on target groups because it will deliver tools that will provide the foundations for further personal development of teachers and students as well as the development of educational organizations and institutions in which they operate and learn.