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DRinVET Blended Transnational Project Meeting

Place: Romania
Host: University of Craiova
Date: 05/05/2022 & 06/05/2022

Partners present:
#STRUKA – Željko Habek
IOS – Edita Margeta
Virsabi – Kristina Ochmirova & Christian Schrøder
SVS – Aimée Schmelzer
UCV – Sorin Savu & Danut Savu & Adrian Olei & Gabriel Benga & Marius Criveanu & Michaela Florescu
EWF – Ana Filipa Mendes (online)
LVE – Zoltán Kelemen
ATS – Marta Toronjo Leandres (online)

This was the first Transnational Project Meeting (TPM) of the DRinVET project held both presential and online. To kick start it, partners from the University of Craiova (host organisation), welcomed everyone. After, the coordinator presented an overview on the project management. This was followed by a follow up on the status of all Intellectual Outputs (IOs), from 1 to 6, and relevant discussion on the products being developed. This state of the art and analysis was led by each IO leader.

Next, it was argued about the Learning, Teaching and Training Activities (LTTAs) and Multiplier Events (MEs). To conclude the two days blended TPM, an overview of the actions to be taken in the next period was made.

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