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DRinVET Learning, Training and Teaching Activity

Place: Spain
Developed by: Augment Training Services
Date: 28/09/2022 & 29/09/2022 & 30/09/2022

Partners present:
#STRUKA – Željko Habek & Damir Zvonar
IOS – Edita Margeta
Virsabi – Kristina Ochmirova
SVS – Aimée Schmelzer & Anja König & Noemi Venetz
UCV – Sorin Savu & Danut Savu & Gabriel Benga
EWF – Ana Filipa Mendes
LVE – Zoltán Kelemen & Ferenc Benus Jr.
ATS – Marta Toronjo Leandres & María Toscano Alonso

DRinVET three-day training activity, C1: Media promotional staff training, was held following the TPM, hosted by ATS in Huelva. The three days training was divided into two workshops, so all the IOs of the DRinVET project were covered.

Project partners had the opportunity to master the presentation of each Intellectual Output (IO) of the project, their promotion, and the ways of their implementation in the target groups, in order to prepare the workshops for the multiplier events of the project.

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