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DRinVET IO1 Handbook Virtual Workshop

Place: Online
Host: Learn Virtual Europe (LVE)
Date: 14/05/2021 & 26/05/2021

Partners present:
#STRUKA – Željko Habek
IOS – Edita Margeta & Davor Knežević
Virsabi – Christian Schrøder & Kristina Ochmirova
SVS – Aimée Schmelzer & Anja König
UCV – Sorin Savu
EWF – Ana Filipa Mendes
LVE – Ferenc Benus Jr. & Zoltán Kelemen
ATS – Marta Toronjo Leandres & Rocío Díaz Gómez & Katarzyna Koch

To kick start the work in Intellectual Output 1, the consortium partner Learn Virtual Europe (LVE) organized and hosted a very interesting and fun virtual workshop for all partners. In the sessions, it was discussed the development of the Handbook. The work always started in random small groups, for the opportunity to interact with everybody, almost one to one, which contributed for the partners to get to know each other a little better and set a good, spirited mood for the rest of the session. After, this initial brainstorming moment, we then proceed to the big group where all partners brought to the big debate everything discussed in the small groups. The first goal was to clearly identify and define our target groups, potential readers and expected content for the Handbook. Distinct technical and pedagogical aspects and different points of view were collected, through the small group debates. Later brought to the big group discussion, where we were able to identify and delimit key elements to be develop in the Handbook. All this work contributed to the presentation of a preliminary version of the Handbook, in the last session.

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