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DRinVET Virtual Workshop

Place: Online
Host: Virsabi
Date: 01/06/2021

Partners present:
#STRUKA – Željko Habek
IOS – Edita Margeta
Virsabi – Christian Schrøder & Kristina Ochmirova
LVE – Ferenc Benus Jr. & Zoltán Kelemen

The consortium partners Virsabi, led by Kristina, organised a short and very informative workshop, about the pedagogical framework of the DRinVET project. The project coordinator Željko from #STRUKA, Edita from IOS, Benus Jr and Zoltan from LVE and Christian from Virsabi were present and actively participated. This short workshop had the special participation of Benus III, responsible for raising the working atmosphere.

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